I am a huge camera lover and before purchasing my first GoPro I spent a good few months deliberating whether it was really the product for me/ our family. I don’t do extreme sports or go to glamorous tropical locations for snorkelling (at least not right now, I can always dream) and that’s what a lot of the advertising seemed to be showing however I loved the compact size, the fact you could use it under water, the array of options for mounting and also the fact that it seemed like a super cool piece of tech to have. After buying a cheap waterproof action cam and getting pretty low quality images and video footage and with a trip to Florida on the horizon I decided to bite the bullet and ordered a GoPro Hero 5 Black in the Black Friday sales 2017 and got it with a free 3-Way Mount; I was ridiculously excited when the package arrived.

As the Christmas season was fast approaching I started using the GoPro, trying it out, checking out the features, I found it pretty simple to get to grips with. The GoPro app was also a handy feature along with QuikStories which makes awesome edits of the footage.

Our Florida trip was really where I fell in love with this tiny superhero of a camera, we used it for everything from playing in the pool to water parks, from character meals to fireworks shows and everything in between. Having this camera in the pool at the villa allowed us to capture footage of Tilly swimming unaided for the first time, unforgettable and irreplaceable moments which we love to look back on. Setting it up on the 3 way mount with the tripod and then just letting it record or opting for the video and photo option meant we got so much without even paying attention, such amazing memories. I just love how quick and easy it is to get it going and how unobtrusive it is!

When I bought the Hero 5 the Hero 6 had just been released and I opted for the 5 as it seemed to have everything I would want. When the Hero 7 range was released however I was very tempted to upgrade; what I saw of the stabilisation was amazing along with improved audio and a host of other features. I was trying to be sensible, trying not to spend another £400 on a GoPro though I was extremely tempted however my amazing wife decided to treat me for my birthday which was a very unexpected surprise!

I loved the Hero 5 but this Hero 7 Black is definitely in a different league; it is still super easy to use though the user interface has changed with this release (it did take a little getting used to initially) but the new features are just amazing! The stabilisation within the camera is so good; it comes in very handy when chasing around after our two 4 year olds and I love the Timewarp feature. I’m really looking forward to trying out the super slow motion options as well; I have a lot of ideas and plans for some of our adventures this year! The audio is a huge improvement from previous models also though for even better quality audio you can use the GoPro mic adapter to plug in an external mic. It is disappointing that the adapter is quite expensive and also huge in proportion to the camera, it would be much better if you could just plug a microphone straight in so that is one thing I would change but aside from that I absolutely love this device!


We are taking a leap into vlogging this year and I have done a lot of research (and watched a tonne of YouTube videos) about vlogging set ups for the GoPro to keep everything neat and tidy and keep the set up small and therefore convenient to just grab and go. After a bit of trial and error I’ve now got a vlog rig set up that I’m happy with and ticks all of the boxes I wanted it to, I’ll link the products at the bottom if you’re interested in taking a look! I’m really looking forward to getting out and using it a lot this year; the convenience mixed with the stabilisation really does seem to make the GoPro Hero 7 Black a perfect vlog camera with the huge benefit of also being waterproof and having fantastic options for time lapses and for super slow motion.

In summary, I’m so glad that I didn’t let the fact I initially thought GoPro was really only for those into action/ water sports stop me investing in one. As a parent it’s so handy to have to capture all of those moments you might miss if you have to set up a bigger camera; with the many available mounting options you can use it hands free and almost forget its there and just concentrate on enjoying whatever activity you’re doing. They certainly aren’t cheap but I do believe you get what you pay for and I would definitely not be without one now. I love you GoPro!


Links below to the products I’ve used for my vlog set up. These are affiliate links so if you go ahead and buy any of these items after clicking the links I will get some money but it won’t cost you a penny more.